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Newborn Constipation Symptoms

When discussing baby and newborn constipation symptoms, we use the word “baby” referring to  a child from birth to age four. Newborn constipation usually relates to babies less than three months of age. Infant constipation regards babies from three months to one year and finally toddlers are children from one year to four years of age.

Newborn constipation can be a horrific experience for parents who are going through this for the very first time. Even when it is your second or third child, it doesn’t matter. Seeing your little one suffer can make you feel inefficient and helpless as a parent.

Newborn Constipation Symptoms

The first step is to identifying if your child is really experiencing newborn constipation. As difficult as it can be, the child can’t express that he is constipated.  Parents have many questions when they see their little baby in pain : Is this normal ? Is my baby constipated ? What are the symptoms I should be looking for ?

Infant constipation has been wrongly defined as having movements less often than the parents. But that’s an unreliable gauge, since each individual has a personal pattern of elimination, it’s not necessarily a case of “like parent, like child”.

Some bottle fed babies go 3 to 4 days between movement and it can be perfectly normal. Each individual has a personal pattern of elimination and this is true for babies too. Babies are not considered to be constipated unless those infrequent movements are firmly formed or come out in hard pellets, or if they cause pain or bleeding (from a fissure or crack in the anus as a result of pushing)

If your baby is extremely fussy with newborn constipation symptoms, you may want to bathe him or her in warm water. When your baby becomes relaxed by the heat you can massage his or her belly. Sometimes this will stimulate your baby to have a bowel movement. You should not be shocked if your baby has a bowel movement right in the bath.

When treating newborn, you should always consult  your doctor first. It is possible to treat constipation in newborn baby with a little water and diluted juices, but when it comes to babies,  you should always consult your doctor first.

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